Lady Lilly
Asian Imperatrix
Washington DC's Premiere
Asian Dominatrix & Fetish Consultant

         Practice the Art of Adoration

As a Professional Dominatrix, Fetishist, Performance Artist and Photographer, 
I do not indulge nor engage in sexual activities with clients. I am NOT a prostitute. Sessions do not involve lewd acts or obscenity. No sex of any kind.

I am very creative and imaginative, and I really enjoy it when submissives give me free reign to take them into my scenarios. I like to expand boundaries, though I respect limitations.
It is admirable that people indulge in escapism seriously.

As a Professional Fetish Consultant, Dominatrix, Photographer & Artist, I encompass a wealth of knowledge in the fetish arts which makes for a unique & authentic experience during role-play and sessions.

If you wish to experience My Style of domination or my art you must e-mail Me.

Adhere to my requirements below, show a genuine desire to learn and be guided only by an elitist Female Superior. ,

I require that you must fill out an application for submission and /or for a photo session after sending a polite letter of introduction.
Sessions are conducted in a play space and not a dungeon so do not expect to be in one.

I have very important requirements of everyone I see: you must be CLEAN, SOBER, RESPECTFUL AND OBEDIENT.

If you are NOT 21 years of age, you must leave now! Exit

Please be aware that there are those who are distributing this website to those who do not share these interests. This website was designed solely for those who share an interest in BDSM. If you find material such as this offensive then do not proceed any further. The information contained in this site is adult oriented and promotes an alternate lifestyle. While recognizing that this may not be for everyone there is nothing here that is illegal. All activities are performed or agreed upon safe, sane and consensual. At no time are there children or animals involved. At no time are sexual acts explored or represented.
(Reprinted with authorization from the original author)

This website concerns BDSM, Female Domination. And Fetishes, if this art form is not of interest to you then please leave now, as it is not My intention to make anyone feel uncomfortable. Any person(s) shown within this site are over the age of 21 and have consented of free will. I do not condone anyone under the age of 21 having access to my site, nor viewing what is shown within this site, so I have included software links below to provide safety mechanisms for your children, so please parents be responsible when it comes to protecting your children from viewing adult sites.


By entering this website about "DC & Domination" you are acknowledging the following:
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You state you are of legal age in the country/ state/province where you live, but freely choose to view material which may be deemed objectionable under your local laws.
You understand this site contains adult information and material related to Female dominance, D/s, BDSM, and a wide variety of erotic fetishes; as well as nudity.
You certify the material you view is for your own personal use.
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A Goddess with beautiful feet.
An Asian Imperatrix & Fetishist.
A Domina who engages in role play, art and fetishes.

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